Judicial Proceeding, 9 August 1703, Holyruidhouse


Judicial Proceeding

Interloquitor anent Major Generall Thomas Buchan

His Grace her Majesties high Commissioner, and Lords of her Majesties privy Councill Haveing Considered a verball report of a Committie of their oun number to whom it was Remitted to examine the affair of Major Generall Buchan who is lately come from France, and reasoned fully upon the said matter, His Grace and the saids Lords appointed the Lord Register and Advocat to Comune with the said Major Generall and know of him whither he was content to undergoe a tryall for his intercomuneing with her Majesties Declared Enemies Since the proclamation of Warr Or Enact himself to depart furth of her Majesties dominions betwixt and the Certain short day; and the saids two Lords of privy Councill Haveing accordingly Communed with him therein The said Major Generall Buchan haveing first testified his inclynation to the saids Lords and therafter being called to the Barr in presence of his Grace and the haill Lords present as marked in the sederunt Did Declare that he was content and Satisfied raither to depart furth of her Majesties Dominions and find baill for that effect Then under a tryall provideing his Grace and the saids Lords would allow some Competent time to Setle his bussines in this kingdome; Therfore and in respect of the said Majro Generall Consent forsaid His Grace and the saids Lords doe hereby appoint and ordaine the said Major  Thomas Buchan to give bond and find sufficient Caution acted in the books of privy Councill that he shall depairt furth of her Majesties dominions betwixt the date hereof and the twenty third day of September nixt to come and shall not returne therto without Libertie granted to him for their effect by her Majestie or the privy Councill; And in the mean time that he shall Live peacable under and with all Submission to her Majesties Government and that he shall not act Consent or Contrive any thing in prejudice therof nor converse or Correspond with any rebells And that under the penalty of Fyve Hundred pounds Sterling; And appoints the said Caution to be found betwixt and Thursday nixt And in the mean time Continues the said major Generall in his Chamber upon his parroll of honor which he gave at the Councill untill Caution be found in maner forsaid.

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