Order, 15 July 1703, Edinburgh



Recommendation to the Lord Advocat to raise a Lybell at the instance of the family of Seaforth Against the Countes of Seaforth

The Marques of Annandale Lord President of privy Councill haveing made a verball report to his Grace her Majesties high Commissioner and the Lords of her Majesties privy Councill anent the Countes of Seaforth and William Earle of Seaforth her son And his Grace and the Councill haveing Considered the samen with the petition presented by the Freinds of that Familly and formerly Read They doe hereby Recommend to Sir James Stewart her Majesties advocat to cause raise ane Lybell at the Instance of the Friends and relationes of the family of Seaforth named in the petition with Concourse of his Lordship against Francis Countes of Seaforth upon informatione to be given in to his Lordship by the saids Freinds and to cite her accordingly for carieing away and sending her son the said Earle out of this Kingdome to be bred a papist.

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NRS, PC1/53, p.11