Order, 16 July 1703, Edinburgh



Instructiones to Captain Mathew Campbell

Followes the Instructiones for the said Captain Campbell for the Better executeing the forsaid Commission.

By her Majesties high Commissioner and the remanent Lords and others of her Majesties privy Councill The instructiones following are given to Captain Mathew Campbell Commander of her Majesties Shipp the Dumbartoun-Castle In prosecution and for Better executeing of his Commission and to be by him punctually observed upon his perrill.

Yow are Immediately to saile from the Road of Leith with and in Company of Captain Gordon to the Islands of Orkney.

When yow part with him yow are to make the best of your way for the western coast.

When yow arryve their yow are to Cruize from the Sound of Mulle in the highlands to the Mull of Galloway and from thence the Lenth of Lambie Issland near Dubline And to take and have under your protection and convoy all bessells and Shipps belonging to her Majesties Subjects that shall fall in your way.

Yow are to defend your self and Shipps under your Convoy against all her Majesties enemies Whither French or Spanniards and all others with whom her Majestie is at present Engadged with Warr who shall presume to attack yow to the outtermost of your power, And to endeavour by all your force to Subdue them; And bring them in as prize to be declared Such.

Yow are also as yow find occasion and your Self in condition to attack and sett upon all her Majesties enemies and to endeavor by all your force to Subdue them and Seize their Shipps and goods.

Yow are also to search all shipps goeing or comeing from France and Spain or any of the dominions belonging to the saids Kingdomes; And if yow find them carrieing Counterband goods to any enemies countrey To Seize them their Shipps and haill goods and being them in as prize.

Yow are to observe the time of your Cruizeing and all other articles contained in your Contract with the Lords of her Majesties thesaury.

Yow are carefully from time to time to advyce us of all that occurrs dureing your Cruize; Given at Holyruidhouse the Sixteinth day of July Jajvijc and thrie years.

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NRS, PC1/53, p.16