Order, 3 July 1703, Edinburgh



Recomendation to the Lord Chancelor anent Robert Gordon factor

Anent the petition given in to her Majesties high Commissioner and the Lords of her Majesties privy Councill Be Robert Gordon factor at Burdeux Shewing That wheras the petitioner being resolved to returne to his native Countrey and to withdraw all his effects from France to Scotland and for that end haveing bought a ship of about 120 Tunns of Burdein therby And haveing also released as many Brittish prisoners upon his oun Charges as will saill the said ship home to Scotland where his wife and Children were at present and which will be ready to saill in a very short time But the present warres occasioned the petitioner a great deall of difficultie and inconveniencie, For which reason it was necessary for the petitioner to procure her Majesties pass that he might not be molested by aither Majesties Shipps or allyes and which the petitioner would not adventur to ask without first obtaineing a recommendation from the saids Lords to her Majesties. And Seing the petitioner would not upon any accompt Import any thing unto this nation which by Law prohibited, And that his Grace and Lordships did formerly Indulge Robert Arbuthnot factor at France with the same favour And Therfore humbly Craveing his Grace and the saids Lords to Recommend the petitioner to her Sacred Majestie as a native born Subject of this nation That she would be pleased to grant to the petitioner a pass or safe conduct wherby he might with the forsaid ship be free of any danger or hazard of her being seized or mollested by any of her Majesties Ships of warr or privateers; or any other the shipps of warr or privateers of her Majesties Allyes As the petition bears, His Grace her Majesties high Commissioner and the Lords of her Majesties privy Councill Haveing Considered the above petition given in to them by Robert Gordon factor at Burdeaux and the Samen being read in their presence His Grace and The saids Lords Doe hereby Recommend to the Lord high Chancelour to writ to the Earle of Nottinghame Lord Secretary of England and Transmitt to him the forsaid petition That the same May by his Lordship be Laid before her Majestie.

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NRS, PC1/53, p.5