Procedure, 15 July 1703, Edinburgh



Committie for adjusting the two Commissiones and Generall and particular instructions to be observed by the Captains of her Majesties two Friggotts

His Grace her Majesties high Commissioner and the Lords of her majesties privy Councill Doe hereby Nominat and appoint the Marquis of Annandale Lord president of privy Councill The Duke of Argyll The Earles of Eglingtoune and Loudoun The Viscount of Tarbat Lord Secretary, The Lord Boyle thessaurer depute and Mr Francis Montgomry with the Lord advocat to be a Committee to adjust the two Commissiones for, and the Generall and particular instructiones to be observed by the two Captains of her Majesties two Friggots Called the Royall Marry and Dumbarton castle and Recommends to the said Committee to meet the morow at nyne of the Cloak in the forenoon and Declaires any two a quorum.

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 NRS, PC1/53, p.11