Proclamation, 27 July 1703, Edinburgh


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Proclamation anent persones goeing to and Staying in France since her Majesties indemnity

Proclamatione anent persones goeing to and Staying in France Since her Majesties indemnity being Read was voted approven and Signed wherof the tenor followes.

Anne By the Grace of God Queen of great Brittain France and Ireland defender of the faith To our Lyon King at Armes and his brethren; Heraulds; Maccers of our privy Councill, Pursevants; Messingers at armes our Shirriffs in that part Conjunctlie and Severallie Specially Constitute Greetting Forasmuchas on the occasion of our late Gracious indemnity Severall persones who were not only guilty of haveing gone to and Stayed in France or the dominions belonging to the French King contrairy to our Laws and Acts of parliament but also who have continowed to stay and abide there since the Sixteen day of March Last the date of our said Indemnity Notwithstanding of our Denunciatione of Warr against the French King and his Subjects for bidding all intercomuneing or Corresponding with them or any other our declared enemies doe presume at their oun hand to returne unto this kingdome wher they may prosecute their evill and wicked practises Therfore Wee with advice of our privy Councill Doe hereby Strictly prohibit and discharge all that have gone or stayed in France or any of the dominions belonging to the French King Since the forsaid Sixtein day of March the date of our said indemnity or doe still remaine their Contrair to our said denunciation of Warr and Lawes and acts of parliament That they presume not to returne to this kingdome without Leave first obtained from us or our privy Councill under the paine of being repute adjudged and punished as intercommuners and Corresponders with our declared enemies and under the other pains contained in our saids acts of Parliament And wee with advice forsaid Doe hereby Requyre and Command all Shirriffs and their deputs and Stewarts and their deputs and all Baillies of Regality, Magistrates of Burghes with all other inferior Judges and officers of our Lawes that they be carefull to apprehend and secure the persones of such as shall presume to returne Contrary to this proclamation or are guilty of the forsaid intercomuneing or Corresponding with our saids declared enemies and make knowen the same and present the said persones to our privy Councill That they may be punished according to their deserveing And wee doe farder Requyre all our good Subjects to discover and dilate the forsaid transgressors to the effect they may be Secured and punished accordingly and that upon their highest perrill, Our Will is Heirfore and wee Charge yow strictly and Command that incontinent thir our Letters Seen ye pass to the meircat cross of Edinburgh and remanent marcat Crosses of the head burghes of the respective Shires and Stewartries within this kingdom and therat in our name and authority by open proclamation make publication hereof That non may pretend Ignorance And Ordaines these presents And ordaines these presents to be printed and our Solicitors to dispatch Coppies Hereof to the Severall Shirriff Stewarts and Magistrats for publication as said is.

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