Royal Letter, 13 July 1703, Edinburgh


Royal Letter

Letter from the Queen for admitting William Morisone of Prestongrange ane privy Councillor

Letter from the Queens Majestie to the Councill adding William Morison of Prestongrange to the Councill Read and ordered to be recorded and the said William Morison being Called in did qualifie himself to her Majestie by Swearing the oath of alledgance and Subscryveing the Samen with the assurance; as one of her Majesties privy Councill and the Lord Chancelor did tender to him the oath de fideli and therafter he did take his place at the board accordingly. Off the which Letter the tenor followes

Supra Scribitur Anne Regina

Right trustie and well beloved Cousin and Councillor Right trustie and intirely beloved Cousins and Counsillors, Right trustie and well beloved Cousins and Councillors; Right trustie and well beloved Councillors Wee Greet yow well Wheras in Consideration of the Loyaltie and abilities of our Right trustie and well beloved William Morison of Prestongrange Wee have thought fitt to add him to the privy Councill of that our Kingdome These are thirfore to authorize and Requyre yow to admitt and receive him into that our privy Councill in the ordinary forme and method in Such caices accustomed, For doeing wherof this shall be your warrant. And so wee bid yow heartily fare-well. Given at our Court at St James’s the Eighteinth day of February 1702/3 and of our reigne the First year. By her Majesties Command Sic Subscribitur Tarbat.

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