Sederunt, 27 July 1703, Holyruidhouse

Att Holyruidhouse the Twentie seventh day of July Jajvijc and thrie years Called Extraordinar


[27 July, Edinburgh]

Sederunt: Her Majesties Commissioner; Lord Chancelor; Marques of Annandale p:C; Marques of Atholl P:S:; Earl of Crafurd; Earl of Erroll; Earl of Mortoune; Earl of Eglingtoune; Earl of Leven; Earl of Northesk; Earl of March; Viscount of Tarbat S; Lord Inverurie; Lord Forbes; Lord Boyle T:D:; Lord Register; Lord Advocat; Lord Justice Clerk; Lieutenant Generall Ramsay; Mr Francis Montgomery; Laird of Kilbirnie 

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NRS, PC1/53, p.18