Warrant, 21 June 1703, Edinburgh



Warrant to the two Captains of the Scots Friggots to Levie Seamen

His Grace her Majesties high Commissioner and the Lords of her Majesties privy Councill Haveing heard a Representation made to them by the Lord high Chancelor That the Captains of her Majesties two Friggotts formerly appointed to be outtrigged for defending the Coasts against pirrating Hade dificultie in Engadging Seamen aboard the said Friggotts, His Grace and the saids Lords of her Majesties privy Councill Ordaines the Magistrates of the respective burghs and Sea-port tounes within this kingdome Or any other persones having warrand from the saids Captains of the said two friggots to Beat drums within the respective bounds of the said burghes and Sea-port tounes; For intimating to all able Seamen who by their oun free Consent given before a Magistrat are willing to serve aboard her Majesties saids two Friggotts; That they repair to the saids two Captaines and their offer themselves to them or either of them; And ordaines all Magistrates and others within the burghs and Sea port-tounes forsaid to give all due encouradgment to the saids two Captaines and others Imployed by them in Leaveing Seamen as above And prohibites and discharges any disorders Or abuses to be Committed by the saids two Captains and other persons to be Imployed by them as said is in takeing on the said Seamen, But allwayes to keep themselves within the bounds the Law prescrybes.

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NRS, PC1/53, p.3